VHA concern over PHN role and boundaries

The VHA is concerned that the Commonwealth's proposed role and boundaries for Primary Health Networks (PHNs) may hinder, rather than facilitate, improvements in the coordination of care between health services.

The VHA believes the proposed role and boundaries may add to the care burden in the acute sector, thereby increasing the cost of providing public healthcare.

Health services will have to work with multiple PHNs and the VHA is concerned that this will also increase the administrative burden, further adding to the cost of providing care. 

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Health Capital and Resources Plan released

The Victorian Government has released its Health Capital and Resources Plan, which describes future health policy directions without outlining specific planned investments in health capital and resources across the state.

Many policy actions described in the plan are supportive of VHA priorities, however the VHA is disappointed by the lack of detail on how these important actions will be funded and implemented.

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Victorian election announcements from major parties

The VHA has compiled a list of health-related election policy and funding announcements by Victoria's major political parties.

This list, which will be updated as further announcements come to hand, can be accessed via our State Election 2014 web page.

National figures on elective surgery and ED care

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare has released 2013-14 statistics for elective surgery waiting times and emergency department care. Elective surgery admissions in Victorian public hospitals increased by 11% from the previous year. But a relatively low proportion of category 2 Victorian public patients were seen within clinically recommended times, compared to other states and territories.

Victorian emergency department admissions increased by 2.9% from the previous year, with three-quarters of these patients being seen on time.

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The late Gough Whitlam's public health legacy

Edward Gough Whitlam, Prime Minister of Australia from 1972 to 1975, died on 21st October at the age of 98. Much has been written about the role Gough Whitlam played in Australian history, but some of the most landmark changes to come from his prime ministership were in the health sphere. Principal among these was the launch of Medibank, the precursor to Medicare, and the pioneering of a community health program, which left such a visible mark on Victoria.  

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