PDRSS re-tendering: many services will not proceed

Several longstanding providers of Psychiatric Disability Rehabilitation Support Services (PDRSS) have been informed that they will not progress to Phase 2 of the State Government's re-tendering process.

The VHA has met with the office of the Minister for Mental Health to discuss the implications for service providers, clients and the sector.

Current providers that have been unsuccessful are expected to continue service provision until 1 August, while the replacement providers will not be announced until late April.

The VHA is concerned that the timing of this approach creates a high risk that experienced staff will seek alternative employment once they become aware that their service is being discontinued, resulting in unnecessary disruption to service continuity for clients.

Services will also be liable for costs associated with commitments to leased facilities, and for any redundancy costs. The VHA will ask the State Government to work closely with unsuccessful bidders to ensure that neither they nor their clients are negatively impacted.

Productivity Commission report on health

The Productivity Commission Report on Government Services 2014 (Health) provides an overview of public hospital, primary and community health, and mental health services in Australia.

The VHA has published a bulletin which describes reported variances in Victorian health sector costs, activity, funding and performance, as compared to the national average. Ambulance, aged care, and community services are reported separately and are not included in this bulletin.

Total (recurrent and capital) expenditure on healthcare in Australia was estimated to be $140.2 billion or 9.5 per cent of GDP in 2011-12 (up from 7.8 per cent of GDP in 2002-03). Total health expenditure per person in Victoria was $6,099 - slightly less than the national average of $6,230 per person.

The number of available beds per 1,000 people in Victoria was 2.4 in 2011-12, compared to 2.6 across Australia. This number has been consistent over recent years, but other considerations should be taken into account when interpreting this data.

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Community Health Australia

Community Health Australia (CHA) is a new entity of the VHA and a founding member of the International Federation of Community Health Centres (IFCHC). Our partners include the National Association for Community Health Centres (USA), the Canadian Association of Community Health Centres, and the European Forum for Primary Care. The IFCHC promotes:

- advocacy at national, state and local levels
- adoption of the community health model of care
- alignment of this model with the World Health Organisation’s vision for primary care
- a research and evidence base that underscores the value of community health.

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Victorian State Budget Submission 2014-2015

The VHA’s 2014-15 Victorian State Budget Submission has been provided to the Minister for Health and to State Treasury. The submission was informed by VHA members’ insights into the most critical issues facing healthcare organisations and their provision of services.

The submission contains five policy priority areas - service planning, system design, capital planning,
recurrent funding and eHealth - and more than 30 recommendations for government action on policy change and system reform.

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Submission to Melbourne Planning Strategy 2050

The VHA has made a submission to Plan Melbourne - Victoria's metropolitan planning strategy to 2050.

The VHA supports the co-location of services into planned health and education precincts. We are hopeful that the Victorian Government will ensure not-for-profit, community and public health sectors are represented in these planned precincts.

The VHA also supports the development of '20-minute communities' which emphasise public and active transport, open green spaces and access to community facilities.

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Australian Centre for
Healthcare Governance
2014 Conference15 May 2014

Devolution, Evolution or Revolution? 
The future of devolved governance in health This conference will examine the meaning,  models and future directions for devolved governance in Australia's healthcare sector.

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